Yao Paper: Reveal the story behind the millennium inheritance of papermaking technology

Yuyao paper craft has a long history and cultural inheritance, "yuyao annals" records: in the northern song dynasty, the production of "yao Huang" bamboo paper, paper thin smooth, the southern song dynasty Shaoxing three years (1133), to "yao huang" printing rule as a mirror, issued, bamboo paper "yao Huang" fame, lit the history of yuyao paper.
The older generation of Yuyao people remember most of the Yuyao paper mill founded in the 1950s, a small state-owned enterprise with local paper technology. At the beginning of the factory, it founded "Yao Paper" by inheriting the skills and culture of Yuyao paper industry for more than 800 years. Since its founding, "Yao Paper" has been constantly innovating in the field of paper industry, which has withstood many adjustments and tests, and has always maintained a strong vitality. This has laid the foundation for the development of the next half a century, and has had today's glory.
Yao Paper: Through more than 60 years of glorious history
"Yao Paper" is a brand of Zhejiang Yuantai Packaging Technology Co., LTD., was founded in 1958 in the ancient city of Yuyao, funded by the local government to establish "Yuyao Paper mill", which is the predecessor of the later Yuantai packaging. The company's business from the beginning of kraft paper, light paper gradually expanded to cellophane, gold and silver card paper, mouth cup paper and other paper fields. Now the company's main business is around the paper-related packaging materials and other related ecological environment materials and products industry.
In the early stage of its establishment, Yao paper made paper with traditional craft, with products with low quality, high consumption and unsustainable growth, and wandering in the trough for a long time. Despite this, Yao paper never broke down. After many tests of national economic adjustment and great waves, he became the first entrepreneurial survivor of the emerging industry in Yuyao, and persisted in the arrival of the reform and opening up.
When the enterprise developed to 1981, Yao Paper encountered a bottleneck period. Yao Paper people found that the low-grade paper products they produced were seriously unsalable, and the inventory was overstocked, and the enterprise suffered serious losses. After holding a worker meeting after the decision, stop production.
Enterprises are facing the crisis of life and death, to maintain the old product has no way out, yao paper must have new products. In a chance opportunity, contact with the cellophane this project, after a detailed research, Yao paper people decided to do a big job.
Since 1982, Yao Paper began to specialize in the production of cellophane. After many efforts, the new product was finally successfully rolled off the production line. Once the product was put on trial sales, it was immediately widely welcomed and praised by more than 20 users in and outside the province.
Yao Paper won a new life, becoming the first cellophane production enterprise in Zhejiang province, and soon became one of the backbone enterprises in the national cellophane industry. The products have been among the best among the peers, with an average annual output of more than 3,000 tons. Yao paper production has various types of cellophane paper, the products are crystal clear, soft and crisp, low sulfur residue, in line with the food hygiene standards. The red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange developed by Yao paper is colorful and popular all over the country. It is also an important base for China's cellophane export. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South America, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions.
Yao paper: Constantly enhance the self-value in the reform
In 2000, Yao Paper was successfully restructured, and Yuyao paper mill became the predecessor of today's Yuantai packaging. After years of sustainable growth, accumulation
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