Degradable plastics should not be discarded arbitrarily, either

In order to prevent plastic pollution, we advocate the use of biodegradable plastic products, but even if we use biodegradable plastic products, does it mean that we can throw them away after using them? The most popular biodegradable materials are PLA and PBAT, which are fully biodegradable. However, many general standards test the biodegradable plastic biodegradable performance under certain conditions, such as the national standard GB / T 19277.1-2011, the test conditions for the temperature of 58℃± 2℃, large humidity, 90 days to achieve a certain degradation requirements, we can think that the complete biodegradable. Such an environment, artificial composting can be done, but the natural environment is obviously not so.
We take PLA, for example, according to the polylactic acid base composite material degradation behavior and mechanism study (lu), the author through the experimental results: " buried degradation process, the mechanical strength of composite material seriously decreased, but the molecular weight of PLA in composite material is not significantly decreased, indicating that composite material in short-term natural buried conditions of molecular degradation degree is limited."And" PLA degradation and its slowness in the natural soil environment ". Overall, it takes a long time to degrade if PLA products are buried in the soil.
Not in the soil, but what about it in the water? According to other studies, the biodegradable plastic PLA, PBAT degradation rate in seawater is still very slow, difficult to reach a satisfactory degree.
So, even biodegradable plastic, discarded can still cause white pollution. So we should pay attention to use plastic products after waste classification, convenient for relevant personnel can be centralized treatment, so as to achieve the real green environmental protection, recycling.
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