——'s first production line and first sheet in the Zhejiang cellophane industry

The year 2008 is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Yuyao paper mill, and also the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. The reform and opening up gave birth to the first cellophane in Zhejiang province, and spawned the new development of Yuyao paper mill, so it is more worth yao paper people to celebrate!
Yao Paper, formerly a state-owned enterprise, has been producing low-grade packaging paper and cultural paper since the factory opened. End of the cultural revolution in 1978, transfer center focus, there is a brief recovery development, but by 1981, due to the rural economic reform results, market supply and demand began to appear from the "seller" market to the "buyer" market, yao paper production of low-grade paper products seriously unsalable, inventory backlog, enterprise losses, had to stop production. At that time, from the factory leadership to the worker to see the low-grade paper products have no future, also can not resume production, so the future of the factory, where is the future of the worker? So the ordinary thought is depressed, the factory team also thinks that the factory mediated big things the superior department will always solve. Some comrades have also asked to mobilize their work and avoid difficulties.
There are always more ways than the difficulties
To be honest, accustomed to the "material shortage" era of economic planning, the enterprise product "the emperor's daughter does not worry about marrying" us, but also the lack of ideological preparation for the market changes and enterprise difficulties in this sudden way. What if if you are in trouble? Our creed was: there are more ways than difficulties, what about the way? Ask the group from, to the staff to find. Then, I took the secretary Li Xikang to look for the economic committee, find the factory team to discuss, to the factory to open a worker symposium, everyone is more consistent understanding is: to maintain the old product has no way out, Yao paper must change production. As for what new product, there are a lot of talk. What attracted my attention is: the production of cellophane, because our county has a chemical fiber factory foundation. But what about the cellophane market? What's the prospect? No one is clear. After discussion, we reached a consensus: first conduct market research, and then make the decision. Later, a total of 5 people from supply and marketing and technology departments went to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou and other places to carry out market research, and visited each chemical fiber enterprise and packaging paper enterprise to understand the production and demand situation, and listened to and solicit their opinions and suggestions. The investigation group comrade is very serious efforts, after the investigation of the basic found out that the domestic market is in short supply, the demand is large, the domestic production enterprises are few, the output is insufficient, most of the market needs to rely on foreign imports to solve. At the same time, we also find out that the production of transparent paper technology requirements are high, and the difficulty is not small. After listening to the report of the survey, we think that the harvest is very great, and the common feeling is three words: the investigation of the market has brought new information, brought the confidence in the development of cellophane products, and brought the determination of the enterprise product transformation. The situation is clear, it is time to make up my mind, time waits for me, finally research made a decision: to the old factory transformation, appropriate investment, adjust the product structure, organize technical training to develop new cellophane products, race against time, as soon as possible.
Bite into the development of cellophane does not relax
The cellophane market survey and the conclusion made according to the survey have been the attention and support of the county party committee and government. In January 1982, the county government quickly made an approval, agreed to the paper mill to develop a new product —— cellophane, approved the investment budget of 1.2 million yuan, approved by the county planning commission project, the economic commission
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