Yao Paper history: 60 years of wind and rain journey

The old history
Yao Paper was built in 1958, during the leap forward period of "big industry". During the entrepreneurial period, Yao Paper people started from "zero", Stick to your self-reliance, work hard and perseveringly, With a short time, the transition from manual operation of cow mill to modern mechanical paper, After the severe test of repeated "adjustment" of the national economy since 1959, One of the few survivors out of the factory in the 1950s; In the 1980s, Yao Paper people followed the trend of reform and opening up, advance despite difficulties, Unite as one, make efforts, Successfully developed the first cellophane paper in Zhejiang Province, Creating the miracle of doubling the annual output value in a year, Make Yao Paper from an unknown small state-owned enterprise to become the first professional cellophane production enterprise in Zhejiang province, Enter the national glass industry and the ranks of key enterprises in Yuyao City, Yao paper's cellophane won the provincial excellent products and Ningbo city well-known trademark, Products sell well in both internal and external markets; In the 1990s, advancing with The Times, Riding the tide in the socialist market economy, Fight the wind and waves, With the joy of the harvest, There was the distress of falling into the trough. Relay predecessor Yao paper people's perseverance and tenacity, in the national industry market "reshuffle", finally become a member of the few winners.
The New Age
After entering the new century, Yao Paper people made the use of the new system and mechanism of modern enterprise management, inherited the spirit and concept of "unity, attack, hard work and innovation" of Yao Paper people, promoted scientific development, realized sustainable development, and laid the material, technology and talent foundation for the new journey in the next 100 years. After several generations of relay of Yao paper people, painted the "colorful Yao paper color reflecting the north of the river, famous" Yao paper "flying across the continents of the" magnificent Yao paper historical picture scroll.
future expectations
Yuyao has a long history and culture, and Yuyao culture also has a long history of paper making. In 800 years ago, the "Yao Huang" paper printed "General governance", "Yao Huang" was widely known.800 The modern brilliant historical mission of writing "Yao Huang" falls on Yao Paper's shoulders. Today, Yao paper people are full of confidence to face 100 years, in order to fulfill the mission, the medium-term goal is to focus on special paper product development and become strong and bigger, and strive to become a global special paper supplier. In order to achieve this goal, the production line is redesigned and constructed according to the new plant planning to expand the scale, ensure quality, improve efficiency, reduce consumption, and obtain the leading position in the same industry. Effectively respond to the fierce competition and adverse macroeconomic environment, can withstand the wind and waves, never give up. It is believed that in two years later, Hangzhou Bay Binhai Park will raise the new and endless banner.
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